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A whip is a sex toy that’s usually made of leather. It’s used to inflict pain/pleasure on a partner (making it very popular in BDSM). Pain releases endorphins in the brain and therefore many people use toys like whips to intensify sexual pleasure. The whip is operated in a swift motion and the flexible end slaps the receiving partner, creating a sharp pain (and sometimes cuts on the skin).

If you’re looking for whips London Transsexuals who are not just beautiful but fun and friendly too, then take a look at our catalog of models. Our whip escorts include blonde and curvaceous Simona, who also enjoys 69, CIF, CIM, COB, DATY, Domination, GFE, Latex, Massage, Outfits, OWO, Escorts available for parties in London, PSE, PVC, Roleplay, Spanking, and Strap-on. Simona is certainly open-minded and is always on the lookout for men who are just as adventurous between the sheets as she is!

Types of Whips

Many different types of whips can be used during sex. It’s important to remember that the slender tip on a whip creates a much more intense sensation than a spanking paddle. Therefore, you must consider the options available to you. If you’re a beginner, you may want to consider a riding crop. This is the safest and easiest way to experiment. They can also be great directional tools for gesturing and enhancing a dominant persona. Why not use a dining table or armchair as an improvised ‘whipping bench’ to bend over?

Whether it’s you who wants a good whipping or your whips London escort, a riding crop can do the job. A bullwhip is more difficult to use and will produce a crackling sound along with a sensation not dissimilar to being cut. You need to practice with this type of whip before you even get close to a partner with one. It’s also common for couples to use a belt as a whip. This can be useful for role-play scenarios where you want the whipping to seem spontaneous rather than planned.

Safe Use of Whips

Whatever type of whip you choose, the dominant partner must understand how to use a whip properly. Using a whip incorrectly can result in deep and painful lacerations on the skin (definitely not sexy!). If you’re the submissive partner, you can relax in the knowledge that our whips London escorts are experts in the use of whips and know how to use them correctly and safely. When you meet with one of our escorts and you mutually agree to use whips during sex, you can be sure that you’ll experience deep and pleasurable physical sensations that you’ll want to repeat.

What Happens During a Whipping Scene

A whipping scene can pan out any way you want to (providing your whips London Transsexuals agree!). It will often start off very lightly, with the dominant partner using a small whip to sensitize the bottom. They may then switch to heavier whips as the bottom becomes more receptive to the additional sensations. A tactile journey can ensue, and the dominant may choose to alternative painful whips with soft brushes of a velvet cloth or the coolness of an ice cube. It’s all about physical sensation and our whips London escorts know all about this! Whatever you have in mind for your whipping experience, just let us know. We can match you with the perfect escort who makes your deepest, darkest fantasies come true.

The Importance of Safe Words

If you and your chosen Transsexual decide to use whips, then a safe word should be one of the first things that you discuss. A safeword is used during sex play at any time that the submissive feels uncomfortable or has reached a hard limit. This could mean that the pain they’re experiencing is too intense or that it needs to stop altogether. During sex play with whips, both partners go to their respective “zones”. A safeword serves to “trigger” them out of this zone and be attentive to their partner’s needs.

Sex Toys Services By Transsexuals

A sex toy is an object or device that’s used for sexual pleasure. Many are designed to resemble human genitals and can either be vibrating or non-vibrating. Whilst vibrators are the most common sex toy, they also include anal beads, pussy pumps, and a whole range of other sexual paraphernalia. The terms can also be used to refer to various BDSM apparatus and sex furniture, including swings.

If you’re looking to add some spice to your next encounter with one of our gorgeous Trans Girls in London, sex toys could be right up your street. Many of our Trans escorts love getting down and dirty with sex toys and find that they’re a fantastic way to heighten erotic pleasure. Don’t feel intimated by the range of gadgets on offer – they’re just toys that are designed for you to play and have fun with between the sheets.

Dildos and Vibrators

For most people, dildos and vibrators are what come to mind when they think of sex toys. When you consider that dildos have existed in various forms throughout history (as far back as the Ice Age!), this isn’t surprising. Dildos are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be a great introduction to the world of sex toys. From sleek and sexy silver bullets through to incredibly realistic phalluses, there’s plenty of choice on offer. Whether you want to watch your sex toy escort pleasure herself or you’d prefer to join in the action, you can be sure that your needs can be catered to.

Cock Rings and Sleeves

If you want to stay harder for longer during your encounter with sex toys escorts in London, then cock rings and sleeves could be for you. They can help to make your erection firmer and prolong sex for as long as possible. If you find yourself between the sheets with one of our gorgeous models, we’re sure you’ll be desperate for a way to make the sex last as long as you can! There are also vibrating cock rings available that are used to stimulate pleasure not just for you but your partner too.

Anal Stimulation

Anal play can be a lot of fun and can add an extra dimension to sex with stunning Transsexuals in London. From anal beads to butt plugs and vibrating balls, the range of anal toys on offer is extensive. As you may or may not know, stimulation of the prostate gland can increase the intensity of the male orgasm, ensuring maximum pleasure for you. Alternatively, you can use anal toys to tease your sex toy escort before or during sex.

New to Sex Toys?

If you’re new to the world of sex toys, using them with an experienced escort can be daunting. Fortunately, many of our escorts love using sex toys with their lovers and are happy to offer advice and guidance to ensure that the experience is enjoyed by all. Whether you want to use dildos, vibrators, cock rings, anal toys or another toy altogether, you can rest assured that your chosen escort will be able to show you the ropes.

Great for Foreplay

If you’re planning on a prolonged sex session that ends with some incredible orgasms, then foreplay is essential. Anticipation is key to ensuring that you both enjoy orgasms that blow your minds and sex toys can help to build the excitement. With such a wide choice of sex toys on the market, incorporating them into foreplay with your chosen escort is easy. Vibrators are a great place to start as you can use them just about everywhere on the body. Use them on each other’s nipples, thighs, and your shaft, and scrotum. Sex toys can really enhance sex and make for a hugely enjoyable sexual experience with one of our stunning Transsexuals in London.

Escorts to Suit all Tastes

At London Playmates, we have a wide range of sex toy escorts on our books and can cater to all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a slim and petite blonde, busty brunette, or fiery redhead, you can be sure that we can hook you up. All escorts have an electric range of hobbies and interests that include sex toys, deep throat, DFK, duo’s, French kissing, GFE, Massage, OWO, role play, and striptease.